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Repairs & Refurbishment

Re-level your dock, re-float your floating dock, roof repairs, decking replaced, pressure washing, water sealing and staining, re-nailing or screwing loose decking and ramp repairs.

Concrete Hog Slat

Concrete Hog Slat docks were developed in the hurricane ravaged region of the North Carolina coast. They are built with heavy timber framing bolted through the pilings and 4” thick slotted concrete slabs either 8’ or 10’ long ,bolted through the heavy timbers, that replace the deck framing and decking.

The structural rigidity, weight, and flow through design reinforce the structural integrity of the dock while allowing flood waters to rise and ebb through the structure without lifting it from it’s foundation.

Neptune Boat Lift

Neptune boat lifts are a top of the line lift engineered and designed for heavy duty use with high speed capability. They are the only hurricane rated lift and we are the areas exclusive Neptune dealer and installer. When you want the best- or need the fastest- chose Neptune.


All docks are built using marine treated pilings, treated wood and stainless steel nails & screws. Upgrades are available.


Dock roofs of all types and styles from basic metal to architectural shingles.

Rip Rap

Installed for erosion control and to stabilize embankments.


We offer marine treated wooden and also vinyl bulkheads. Bulkheads are used to stop erosion and to allow your yard to be leveled.

Boat Lifts

Both drive on and piling mounted.


All types and materials.

Floaters, Ramps, Benches, & Sinks

Both drive on and piling mounted.
We can custom design your dock the way you want it.

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